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MY VERY FRUITS is a sister company of Sonac, That is well known for over 35 years in growing, producing, and exporting the highest quality of agricultural products. Sonac was established in 1979, to improve production of agricultural products and higher exported quality to other countries to promote Egyptian Agriculture in foreign markets. Sonac, managed to become one of the largest agriculture exporting companies in the middle east and receive multiple certificates throughout the years. Sonac, was accredited by ISO 9002, HACCP, EurepGap, BRC and Organic. The company is also approved by the UN peace troops (MFO), as a sanitarily approved food establishment and strictly apply to all Egyptian quality standards. Both farms will be providing the Egyptian market with premium quality produce under our brand name (VERY) fruits and vegetables.


Citrus fruits




Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 7.48.04 PM.png

Your Favorite

Fries, Chips, Wedges, 

Baked, Mashed or for the salad We have the right variety for your recipe


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